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Burgerfuel – Newtown

Burgerfuel – Newtown

My very first post! Yay!

I thought of writing a review for a place that should be avoided, but I thought better of it and decided that for a first post, it should be somewhere good that I would suggest to people.

Back in 2010, I used to live in Chippendale.  My friend bought a Groupon voucher for Burgerfuel, and my sister, I, and two of our friends went to Burgerfuel in Newtown to utilise the vouchers (haha).

The menu is limited, and the chicken burgers don’t excite me at all, but I was very impressed with their generous-portioned and very reasonably-priced burgers.  To be fair, it was a diner-like joint, not a restaurant, but the most expensive item on their menu was less than $15, so colour me impressed.

On the other hand, Moo Burger, a burger joint not too far away, sold their burgers at $18 a portion. You can see why I have a special place in my heart for Burgerfuel.

After I moved, I don’t go to Newtown much, unless it’s to see my specialist, and even then that’s only once every three months or so.  I always make a point to drop by to Burgerfuel whenever I can, even if only to get takeaway burgers.

Also, since their burgers are huge, I always have them cut in half, so I can have half for lunch and half for dinner. That has got to be some of the cheapest meals you can get in Sydney.

The other item on their menu that I like is the kumara fries. I’m not exactly sure what they’re made of (sweet potato, perhaps?), but they’re great. And the aioli is nice too.

If you’re a VIB member (you only need to subscribe to their newsletter to be a VIB, so it’s a very easy process), they will send you promotional emails with limited edition burgers, special offers, and such.

I never had the chance to go get any limited edition burger before, but I managed to be around for the Harajuku Chicken burger, and it was sooooooo good. It had panko-crumbed chicken, fried soba noodles, and mayo dressing. I’m actually sad it’s not a permanent menu item.

Service is okay. Staff is generally friendly.  While I don’t expect fine dining level service, I find that they’re helpful and polite most of the time. The ones who write the promo emails also have a wicked sense of humour, and I find that I actually read every word on the emails, unlike most other promo emails.

Here’s a link to their website and facebook page so you can browse their menu if you’ve never been. They also accept online orders so you can beat the queue.

If you have been, which burger is your favourite?

Quick reviews: there are, of course, other burger places that are reasonably priced and generously-portioned. As a lover of burger, I try to visit different burger places, and I will review them in depth if/when I can.

Mr Gee’s burger is actually very tasty, although it’s hard to reach by public transport and the line could possibly make a grown man cry.  We actually drove there on Burger Day, but decided to go somewhere else due to the line.

Bonarche Burger is where we ended up at on Burger Day. It’s near the corner of Parramatta Rd and Norton St, and while it’s $15-$18 in price, the burgers are huge and well worth the price.

Burger Project is also reasonably priced, but some people complain that the bun is too much like Maccas’ bun, and I have to agree. It makes me feel like I’m eating an oversized, overpriced, Maccas’ cheeseburger.

I just bought a voucher for wagyu beef burger from Baker Bros, and will update this once I’ve had it.  I will also review Mary’s or Chur if I ever get around to trying them.

One Tea Grill has ramen and rice burgers, both of which I absolutely adore. The baoger, not so much.

I think that’s it for now. Thanks for reading! And let me know if there’s anything specific you want to see on this blog =)